The 2017 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition ended brightly

On December 2, 2017, the 4-day 2017 Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition ended perfectly!The exhibition brought together well-known companies at home and abroad. In the face of fierce competition, Longkou Rongdi Machinery is still under pressure. The exhibition hall is full within 4 days, and the scene is popular.After a 4-day bloody battle, the goods received a lot, and the exhibition site was full of people, and the market was full. Let's review the wonderful moments of the scene with Xiaobian!

Wonderful presentation, bursting with popularity

The Rongdi team made a wonderful appearance at this exhibition and attracted much attention.With a reliable brand, exquisite booths, high-quality products, professional team, and intimate service, it forms a beautiful landscape of the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, which fully demonstrates the rich team strength and technical strength of Rongdi Enterprises.




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